Saturday, March 26, 2011

Indian Runners

Spring is in the air and that means lots of baby animals.  Yesterday we picked up our order of 5 Indian Runner ducklings (4 females, 1 male).  They are so cute.  If you are wondering what the colored spots are on their heads, the hatchery from which they came paints the heads of the females with a red dot and males with blue. 

Indian Runner ducks are land ducks that do not need a pond, just a small pool or tub of water to occasionally bath in.  They lay from 150-200 eggs a year or more.  Indian Runners love foraging and running around grassy meadows looking for worms, slugs, even catching flies.  So far we have been observing them eating, jumping alot, and bathing in their drinking water. We are happy to have these new fuzzy friends. 

New Man In Town
About a month ago we adopted a Leghorn rooster from Sienna Ranch.  He is mild mannered but a little skittish.  It is said that a white rooster brings many blessings to a property and so we named him Barak, which means blessing in Arabic.  Our 7 year old agrees, "He is president of the chickens!"

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