Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thinking Things Through

The whole process of mental, spiritual, and material riches
     may be summed up in one word - gratitude.

Being new farmers our level of enthusiasm is quite fervent.  Almost everyday has been filled with working on projects around the garden, animals, soil and compost, etc.  We have been acquiring new plants and trees I  guess animals too), not to mention the huge supply of building materials.  Lately however we are slowing down and beginning to be more thoughtful of the "bigger picture", the plan for our farm.   Not that we weren't thoughtful before, but I think we are realizing that there is wisdom in starting small, getting organized, settling in, and observing all that is around us, including the seasonal changes and the elements.  Creating a vision takes time, just as much time as manifesting the dream.  So as we dream and plan, our roots grow downward and begin to take hold.  This little piece of land is starting to feel like home.

Pictures of Spring

tulip bulb in the garden

lettuce seedling

potato patch

pumpkin seedlings

wooden seed flats

daffodils in the garden

sheet mulched spinach bed

banana tree

artichokes forming their heads

vibrant mint

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