Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Fabulous Year!

 July 1, 2011 marked our one year anniversary at Soul Flower Farm.  Wow...a year of sweat, laughter, aching muscles, amazing discoveries, hours and hours of digging, dreams realized, lots of bruises, bee stings, breathtaking views, uncountable cups of tea, wonderful neighbors, goat and chicken love, so much learning, and above all GRATITUDE!  Here are some pictures of our blessed first year as aspiring farmers...
a classic:  Yasir on his 1947 tractor

site of medicine wheel, before

medicine wheel in full bloom

Following are some pictures of the evolution of our south facing hillside.  From waist high weeds to shoulder high grains. 
 after scarification, before planting

sheet mulching, first steps

finished sheet mulched beds

Some of the beds were then double dug, some we planted into the sheet mulch.  We tried out a variety of crops to see what would grow well in our soil.

red, orange, and green amaranth, quinoa on the right


sweet  and popping corn


early pumpkin patch

Now:  zucchini, pumpkins, pink banana squash, kabocha squash and tomatoes

Original front yard turned into a perennial kitchen garden.

tree collards in kitchen garden

Lima bean tepee

lavender, mint and perennial vegis

What a year.  Much love to all of you who helped and supported us.  All the new friends, advice, and company are greatly appreciated.  We are praying for and working toward another year of growth and learning. 


  1. Wonderful work you've put in and may your harvest be fruitful!

  2. What a fantastic journey you've had so far! Thank you for sharing your stories and photos!