Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Little Cuteness To Go Around

Two new rabbits:  here's how the story goes. 
Mom really wants some (or even one) cute rabbit for a pet.  Dad says, "No way, too many animals already.  Let's not get in over our heads!"  In the process of convincing herself that pet rabbits are a good thing, she remembers the permaculture rule that every element of the environment must serve at least three purposes.  Hmmmm.

#1 Manure, of course. 
#2 Entertainment and companionship.
#3 Umm, cuteness factor?  (does that count?)

Yes, that is definitely good enough.  Being of the scheming sort, Mom devises a plan.  She finds a couple of beautiful American Blue rabbits and decides they would make a wonderful 8th birthday present for their son (who, by the way, is not very interested in adopting bunnies, he really wants a rock polisher, which he later receives).  She gets the rabbits, picks up an old hutch from a friend...

hutch before (thanks M!)
a little paint and voila...a new home for said bunnies now named Marshmallow and Sassafras.  After homemade baking and some extra kisses, Dad isn't really that mad.  And the boys are now quite fond of their new cuddly friends. 



First tub of manure I will add to the tomatoes and zucchini.
Rabbit manure doesn't have to compost before adding it to garden plants making it a great fertilizer.
This being the first time I have used rabbit manure, we shall see how it goes.
P.S.  Just in case you were wondering the bunnies don't spend all day in that little cage.  We let them out to run in the chicken tractor where they seem to delight in doing flips and eating grass. 


  1. Salaam, we (2/5 residents) are considering getting rabbits. Trying to work on 3rd excuse. Think bday gift may work. Thanks! & hutch is cute. The wonders of paint.

  2. Good for you! The bunnies are darling and what a pretty home for them.