Thursday, September 8, 2011

Scenes From August

August was an extremely busy month on the home front.  (Not much time to connect into cyber space, hence the hiatus from blog posting.)  Our harvest was pretty early so we are now focusing on which winter crops we want to grow.  We experienced some loss and some gain this past month, the loss of one special goat named Poppy (I will miss you!) and the gain of 18 feral chickens. 

Now that we are back to the school schedule there is less time to work in the garden, less time to play, and it's still hot!  September and October bring us some of the warmest days of the year in northern Cali.  Looking forward to all the harvest festivals, collecting what we hope will be lots of honey from the bees, firing up our new cob oven, and sneaking in a few more beach days.  Here are some pics from the month that was....

peach picking in Brentwood

stocking the shelves with summer goodness
carrot harvest

dehydrating for soups and stocks
making some pumpkin butter

blackberry picking near our home

a handsome passenger

goodbye amaranth

working on a mural over barn doors

Oh, and P.S...I ended up clipping the chickens wings after all and it's working out great!

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