Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Babies

 "There is a privacy about winter which no other season gives you…
Only in winter … can you have longer, quiet stretches when
you can savor belonging to yourself."
 –Ruth Stout

Our first litter of bunnies was born Friday.  Only one of the two does we bred ended up pregnant, delivering eight little bunnies.  They are now 4 days old and it is clear by their markings they are not pure American Blues like we thought.  Not to much of a disappointment since we are so excited to welcome them to our farm and watch them grow.  They couldn't be more adorable and Mama seems to be doing a great job. 


  1. What buck did you end up using? And is your doe from my Lou? I'm pretty sure Lou is not purebred, unfortunately. Though we do have a new buck now who is pedigreed.

  2. Yes it turns out Lou is the father of my does so they are not pure. Maybe after we get these raised and find new homes for them we can get a pure doe from you??

  3. Yeah, I wasn't pleased when I realized that the person that sold Lou to me wasn't honest about his breeding.

    I've got another person wanting a doe as well, so we'll be breeding her soon. I'll make sure to reserve a doe for you as well.

  4. Oh, that would be great, thanks Rachel!