Thursday, June 21, 2012

Infinite Uses of the Pallet

It seems to be all about pallets around here.  Why?  They are free, super strong, and weather resistant, plus they're everywhere.  And for us, it just makes sense to use what we have or what is easily accessible.  

The pallet chicken coop is coming along.  After a bit of a break to work on many other projects, we are returning to finish it up.  We still need to insulate with straw, seal up the walls and paint the exterior.  The chickens don't seem to care about the disarray, they have happily taken up in the shade and even started laying in the empty boxes.

Another recent project is our pallet stanchion with eucalyptus branches that function as the closure.  Ginger doesn't seem to put up a fight.

Our mini green house is made of pallet wood and recycled windows, while the seed flats are just shortened, re-assembled pallet boards.

As for the Warre hives, the top box which is the insulation layer is made from pallet wood while the rest is pine.  

The options for working with this abundant  and durable resource are seemingly endless once you put your imagination to it. Isn't that just about true of anything though? 

Top Photos 
by Lori Eanes


  1. Thanks for the inspiration I was just stressing about having enough wood to make a coop. Sending love.

  2. I have gone bonkers with pallets as I live near a factory which is constantly throwing them away! Thanks for the inspiration an we wish you all every success. Positive vibes from London :)