Saturday, October 6, 2012

Intensive 6 Day Permaculture Seminar & Workshop

We are so fortunate to be able to host this amazing event!  Our friend, Rhamis Kent, has been traveling internationally, teaching and studying with world renowned permaculture design expert Geoff Lawton.  Now those of us in the Bay Area can benefit from Rhamis's wealth of knowledge in this information packed, hands on course. Check out details below and register HERE!
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Over 6 days you will acquire the practical skills to regenerate any landscape and to design productive ecosystems.
In this 6 day course you will learn:
  • Basics of Permaculture Design
  • Soil Biology
  • Specialized Compost & Worm Farm
  • Water Harvesting Strategies
  • Grey Water Treatment
  • Drought Proofing
  • Designing & Implementing a Food Forest
  • Designing Micro Climates
  • Integrated Animal Systems
  • Basics in Aquaculture & Aquaponics
  • Permablitz
Course Content

Each session is 1 hour 30 minutes.
Day 1

First Session
Making the case for Permaculture/Agro-Ecology

Second Session
Ethics, History of Permaculture, Working Examples

Third Session
Concepts and Themes in Design for Productive Eco-systems

Fourth Session
Designing for Sustainable Communities

Day 2

First Session
Soil Biology Primer & Principles

Second Session
Plants & Soil: symbiotic relationships

Third & Fourth Sessions
Practical: making Specialized Compost, Natural Mineralisation and Worm Farm

Day 3

First Session
Water Principles & Harvesting

Second Session
Earthworks, Designing Water Harvesting Strategies

Third Session
Keyline Design and Grey Water

Fourth Session
Practical: Miniature Earthworks exercise

Day 4

First Session
Climate and Micro-climate

Second Session
Designing Micro-climates

Third Session

Fourth Session

Day 5

First Session
Theory and History of Food Forests
Symbiotic Relationships between Productive and Support Species

Second Session
Designing a Food Forest for Dry Climates
Integrated Pest and Disease Management

Third Session
Integration of Animal Systems
Sample Designs for Maximising Plant Spacing and Symbiotic Relationships
Drought-proofing and Fire-proofing

Fourth Session
Practical: Seed Scarification and Tree Planting

Day 6

First Session
Design, Methods and Tools

Second & Third Sessions
Guided Design Exercise through Observation and Analysis

Fourth Session
Where to from now, Questions and Answers

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