Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Notes From A Six Day Permaculture Adventure

Almost always, the creative dedicated 
minority has made the world better.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

building hot compost pile

turning steaming hot compost after 5 days


using laser level to find contour

staking beds on contour

building no-till garden bed

We had an fantastic turnout for the intensive with international permaculture consultant, designer and teacher, Rhamis Kent.  Our six days together were filled with knowledge, friendship, community, sharing, authenticity, healing, empowerment, hope, faith, nourishment and oh yeah...we can't forget the amazing masseuse. Students traveled from Berkeley, Oakland, SF, Humboldt  Alabama, and as far as away as Japan.  The class was packed with useful, exciting, and intellectually stimulating information, not to mention everyone went home pretty well fed too.  One of the hands-on activities we participated in was building and turning a huge hot compost pile in our chicken area that reached a temperature of 165 degrees after about 5 days.  We learned about earth works and how to identify a keyline.  We practiced how to survey the land on contour using a laser level, water level and line level.  We proceeded to stake and rope off the area on contour then build a no-till permaculture garden bed with on site materials.  Equally as valuable as all the inspiring information and knowledge shared, a new community was born that we hope will be the beginnings of an East Bay Permablitz group.  One thing is for sure, we all left the group yesterday pumped up and ready to get busy transforming not only the little pieces of earth we inhabit, but also the minds and hearts of those we are blessed to connect with.  Kudos!


  1. Maya:

    Thank you for your extraordinary hospitality and grace. We are all empowered by your spirit, and a bit too fattened by your too delicious food offerings.

    Always thankful.

  2. Maya,

    It looked like so much fun! I wish I could have participated. It looks like you all learned a lot! I look forward to learning, growing and crafting with you in 2013.