Thursday, March 28, 2013

Intro To Natural Beekeeeping

a brave volunteer getting ready to install the swarm
a future beekeeper listens attentively
tapping the swarm out of the box into their new hive

Our first Intro to Natural Beekeeping class was a success!  The weather was gorgeous and the turnout of eleven students was perfect for an intimate setting.  The bees were amazingly docile.  We were fortunate enough to have a swarm land on our coyote brush the day before the class (WOW!) so the students had the opportunity to install the swarm into the new hive.  Everyone was enthusiastic and engaged with lots of questions.  We definitely learned that three hours is not enough time to cover all the material.  The next time we offer this class it will be five hours or longer with a nice break for lunch.  Thank you to all who came out.  We enjoyed spending the day together sharing, connecting, and learning about bees!

Therefore go, my People's Hive, go into all the gardens...
Go and give the children 
some nourishing sandwiches, 
and give the grown ups wellbeing in body and mind.
Go and remind everyone of the necessity of work,  
the gentleness of unity, 
the beauty of devotion, 
the prosperity 
of countless families.  
Go and fill every fireside with honey and happiness.
Mella fluunt tibi.  -Abbe Warre

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  1. Wow! I wouold have loved to have attended! To bad I live in southeast Kansas. We are considering getting bees but mom says we should focuse on our first back of laying hens right now (can't say I disagree.) Me and dad are working on getting her to agree to let us and our friends get some co-op bee-hives. Wish us luck!