Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Moon Harvest

Spiders crawl about on white sage going nowhere in plenty of time....

White sage protection, rosemary for remembrance, lucid dreaming with Mexican marigold, mentha to gain mental strength, lavendula raising our vibrations, eucalyptus purification, comfrey healing wounds so deep and traumatic they affect a soul's journey.  We acknowledge the inner most, as well as the exterior aspects of our plant allies and we give thanks for the amazing healing gifts they share with us.  
Happy Ramadan Moon :)

*pics and poem by Chloe Bee

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wise Wombmen's Healing Retreat

"The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; 
the womb is to create and to give birth to life."

This past weekend we hosted our first Wise Wombmen's Healing Retreat. Our weekend of replenishment and rejuvenation included a Sistar to Sistar clothing exchange, early morning yoga, vendors, camping and farm fresh vegetarian meals.  Participants had the opportunity to sit in on three workshops including Women's Wellness from a homeopathic and anthroposophical perspective and Crystal Contraception: a course in herbal and natural contraceptive methods for effective and pleasant alternatives to westernized birth control. We discussed the history and scientific findings of herbal supplements and contraceptive methods, emmenagogues, tracking methods and more, to discover a reliable system our ancestors have been aware of for ages. The women also engaged in a Wild Medicine plant walk where they learned about several green allies for spring cleansing to incorporate into their everyday lives.  Our focus was on nourishing our liver and kidneys and how we can use all the fresh edible spring greens as food. In the evening we had an amazing Healing our Wombs ceremony, a two hour ceremony and ritual offering a sacred space for women to let go of the suffering they carry in their bellies.  Between the bonding and intimacy created, wisdom shared, diverse group of women who gathered and the beautiful natural environment, the weekend was a success!  Thank you to all who participated and made this such a special weekend.  We are excited to offer another healing retreat in the future.  

Many Womb Blessings!