Meet The Farmers

Soul Flower Farm Owners

Maya Blow is an herbalist and classical homeopath practicing in the East SF Bay Area. She studied herbal medicine at the California School of Herbal Studies in Northern Ca. and also completed four years of homeopathic medical school at the Institute of Classical Homoeopathy in San Francisco. Besides her passion for holistic and alternative medicine, Maya is an artist, mother of two, farmer, and avid crafter. Maya teaches nature studies, gardening, herbal medicine making and many other homesteading and DIY classes.  She has been studying, practicing, and teaching art for two decades and continues to draw her inspiration from her love of nature. Some of her hobbies are gardening, animal husbandry, foraging for wild food, fermenting and canning, making herbal medicine, cheese making, and dying with plants. She currently runs a handcrafted herbalism CSA from her organic farm in El Sobrante where she lives with her husband and sons, goats, chickens, bees and jersey milk cows.

Yasir Cross is a design engineer and has been studying and practicing permaculture design for many years.  He is a grey water specialist as well as a skilled builder.  He is passionate about natural beekeeping and has been keeping bees for almost a decade.  Yasir follows the natural beekeeping methods of Abbe Warre.   Yasir is also a builder, crafter, and artist who loves to work with his hands.  He has a natural gift for fixing just about anything and as an organic farmer is putting that gift to good use. A student of the biodynamic farming methodology, Yasir is using, learning, and teaching his experience.  Sustainable building, grafting fruit trees, composting, double digging, building soil, permaculture design, and beekeeping are some of his interests.  Hobbies also include hiking, drawing, mountain biking, and wrestling.  Yasir is co-owner of Soul Flower Farm where he lives with his wife, sons, chickens, bees and jersey milk cows.