Feral Bee Hive in the Orange Tree
This feral bee hive was on our property when we came in July.  Lodged in one of the orange trees, it was an amazing find made by our 7 year old.  He was so ecstatic!  Just one of the many signs we recieved that this is a truly blessed place.  After all the rain I observed the bees snuggly tucked inside the hive.  The smell of honey thick and the buzzing loud, the hive seems extremely healthy during a year when many beekeepers have lost their hives or the harvest was minimal. We have no intention of harvesting from them, we just love to know we have a bee tree nearby.  

Honey Haven is what we call the area where the bees reside.  There are currently eight hives here on the farm.  

packaged bees on arrival

the latest Warre hives we built


  1. Wow! I've never seen a hive out in the open like that. Your location must bee really special. Warre hives are also cool.
    Here on our little farm in Australia I keep a couple of Native Bee hives in small Warre-like boxes. Their honey, or Sugarbag, supply is also small, but they're stingless so we can have them by the back door. They're good for the garden too ;)
    Best, Terry (permaculture, homeschool, goats & strawbale ;)))

  2. It always makes me smile to know that more people in the world are practising biodynamic agriculture. :) Love from the Philippines!