Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mini Green House

So I sing to my seeds. 
What about it?
- Leslie Gaydos

seed starters waiting to go in the greenhouse

It's been nice to get a jump sart on the growing season.  We've started planting our seed starters to transplant in the spring.  Baby and giant spinich, rainbow chard, different varieties of kale, broccoli, collards, pumpkins, melons, zucchini, lettuce, fennel, borage, and more.  The potatoes and garlic are in the ground and the mini green house is pretty much complete, just needs a few finishing touches.  

tiny lettuce seeds

The mini green house is 5'x 20' and made to fit over a rectangular garden bed.  Small, light weight, and sturdy, each side of the top lifts and can be propped up by a pole.  A fairly simple design, we made this one completely from found and free materials, mostly used wooden pallets and plexiglass from craigslist. 

Here is the almost finished product which has held up to slamming winds and rain the last few days and it stays pretty warm in there. 
You can find the plans for this greenhouse in The Backyard Homestead Mini Farm Guidebook, by John Jeavons. 

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