Monday, June 13, 2011

Marching To Our Own Beet

Lately I've been thinking about all the work we put into this place, how hard it is, and how much fun we have.  The word that expresses it all is GRATITUDE.  I was once told that gratitude necessitates blessing.  This is a wise truth that I remind myself daily.  Spending so much time working at home, it often feels like we are in our own world.  As our neighbor said to us yesterday with a smile, "You know you guys are living in the 19th century."  (I was thinking it may not be too long until we are all living like we are in the 19th century.)  Well, we are definitely doing our own thing and loving it.  Yasir just harvested some beets from one of his first double dug beds.  They sure are massively bigger than the ones I planted in the kitchen garden last year.  And sweet as can be.  More kudos for double digging.  

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