Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Place to Play

In our back yard there is an old shed we use mainly to store our bicycles.  It has been an eyesore to me from the beginning so I decided to transform this rusty old structure into a summer playhouse for our boys. 

After a good dusting and sweeping, several coats of paint (we mixed a couple of colors to come up with something bright), and an old throw rug set down, it is a wonderfully fun place for their imaginations to create.

left over paint mixed to make a vibrant green
almost finished just needs some curtains and flowers in the barrels

The boys made a worm bin out of an old farm sink.  They are already harvesting the juice for their gardens!

Currently our little rock enthusiast has set up shop in his new clubhouse to display his extensive collection.  It feels so satisfying to create something new out of something old. 

rocks displayed on a rabbit skin

 found antler and homemade spear

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