Thursday, May 3, 2012

Keepin' Me On My Toes

Yesterday we welcomed three more beautiful kids.  After participating in Bella's birth it was easier for me to see what the early signs of labor are.  So I brought May Daisy, one of our Sable Saanen does, up into her birthing stall late in the morning.  She was looking good and ready.  

I gave her a bit of grain and within a couple of hours she went into labor (about 10 minutes before I had to leave to pick up my son...great timing!).  I had just enough time to watch her birth the first kid (back feet first), dry off the face, and call my neighbor, who once again graciously rushed over. 

When I got back home 40 minutes later, two more healthy kids awaited us.  Three girls!  Way to go May Daisy!  Within an hour she pushed all three out just like that.  Birth is so amazing.  

With no help from us she licked them all dry, chewed off the cords, and ate her placenta while the little ones found her teats.  What a great mamma she is.  Aren't they cute how they are up on their feet, ready to explore the world, only a day old.  

This morning when I went to check on May Daisy she had an engorged udder.  It seems the kids were having a hard time latching on to such full teats.  Once I milked her, the kids were able to nurse easily.   (I also gave her some Ibuprofen to help with the inflammation.)  We will milk her several times a day until her swelling goes down and feed the nutrient rich colostrum to the kids.   

This little one below is a tad smaller than the others so she will get some special attention and extra manual feedings.

Whew, this farming business sure does keep you busy.  Looking forward to fresh raw milk once again.  And CHEESE!!!



  1. Congratulations! Lots of baby goats! I miss having kids around here. If only Sedona would evict hers.

  2. Salaam Sis, So inspiring. I meant to text you the other day. I was sending you positive energy and told myself to jot you a note to let you know, but didn't.

  3. Wow! looking for goat picture to match a pic I took of a little herd of I didn't know whats. It matches your kids! I stole a shot and will post it with your permission to my Facebook page. Gmail me @ thanks for the beautiful web site. I will be browsing.