Monday, May 28, 2012

Morning's Gift

Walking down to feed and water the animals this morning, we discovered a beautiful swarm on the coyote brush.  The bees must really love this spot because this is the second swarm that has landed here.  It's a wonderful joy for a beekeeper to stumble upon a swarm.  Such a magnificent sight, definitely one of nature's miracles.   Since we recently did a huge honey harvest, we had several frames left over for the bees to clean.  We put the swarm into their new hive with the sticky frames and they seem to be quite happy to busily eat up all the left overs.  Our population of hives has decreased over the past year so we are super happy to add this new one to the farm.  Good morning bees!


  1. Wow, that swarm looks huge! Congrats on your new bees!

  2. Have you looked into bee sting therapy for inflammation?

  3. Looks like a nice honey bee harvest. Be careful not to disturb this colony. Bees attack with their stings if disturb.